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There are two methods of applying for or renewing membership. If you wish to pay by cheque then print out the PMAC and 'Model Flying NZ' (formally NZMAA for new affiliations only) form from the links and mail the completed forms with your payment, from the scale of fees below to, PMAC Treasurer, 82 Kilkenny Drive, Howick 2016. If you are not sure of the correct amount please email the membership officer using the link below. Note that there are separate forms for PMAC and 'Model Flying NZ' membership, both of which must be completed. 'Model Flying NZ' is compulsory (for third party insurance purposes) for all PMAC members , the only exception being this requirement can be waived for new members during their first year while under instruction. 'Model Flying NZ' membership is required for any member to be able to fly at other flying sites.

If you wish to apply or renew online use the online link. This form covers both PMAC and 'Model Flying NZ' membership but a separate form must be submitted for each member of a 'Family Membership'.
Use this account to send your online payment ,ASB a/c # is 12-3014-0841744-00 and include your name as a reference. Any ASB branch will accept a direct payment into the account if you do not have internet banking available.

If you are not sure on the correct amount payable please contact the membership office first. Once the application and payment are received the application then goes to the next committee meeting for approval which happen on the third Wednesday each month. In the unlikely event that we cannot accept your application all fees paid will be returned to you. Application and payment does not constitute membership but you are welcome to fly in the duration while waiting for approval. Any questions about your application should be addressed to the membership officer using the link below.

The Joining Fee has been suspended for now.

The 'Joining Fee' is payable for all new applicants whether first time or previous members, the only exemption to this requirement is for Junior applicants and previous members who resign in writing and in good standing.

Membership is split into Senior and Associate (18 and over), Junior and Family (Family consists of member + immediate family living in the same household) for both PMAC and 'Model Flying NZ'.

Associate Members must be members of another club and affiliate to MFNZ via said club and may apply for associate membership to enable them to use the facilities of PMAC. Associate members do not have voting rights and will pay a fee as set by a general meeting.
The Management Committee shall have full power to accept or decline such application and if declined can in no way be compelled to give reasons for so doing.
All flying members shall be required to be financial members of the New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association (NZMAA) 

Our Club financial year begins on 1 April each year. Subscriptions are:

Prompt payment discount of $20 if paid by June 30th. (not applicable for new memberships)


Fees if paid by June 30th ( and all new memberships)    Fees if paid after June 30th (not applicable for new memberships)


PMAC $70

 MFNZ $70

Total $140


PMAC $90

MFNZ $70


Total $160


PMAC $25

 MFNZ $20

Total $45


PMAC $25

 MFNZ $20

Total $45


PMAC $90

 MFNZ $75

Total $165


PMAC $110

 MFNZ $75

Total $185

Associate annual fee $60


Unfinancial members after June 30th become uninsured and therefore unable to fly at any site.

Senior members shall be those over the age of eighteen years.

Any member who has not attained the age of eighteen years at the end of March, shall be a Junior Member.  Junior members do not have voting rights.

Family membership shall include immediate family members with one master member who can vote. Children over 18 who are full time students, living at home and supported can be included.

Please contact the membership officer for more information.

Model Flying NZ Form
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