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The Council and Franklin Local Board have dictated that we must vacate our flying site by June 30 2014 despite past assurances that we could remain until such times that the ground is needed for other activities. The grounds are completely empty for most of our allowed flying hours so there are no grounds for terminating our activities at this time.
We have been receiving huge support from local residents who do not wish us to leave as well as a wide area of support outside the area. To address this issue and show that the vast majority of residents oppose the termination we have organised this online petition to show support for our plight.

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Please click here to be taken to the petition page

Welcome to the Papakura, Manukau Aeromodellers’ Club (PMAC) website.

Located at the Clevedon Showgrounds, Monument Rd, Clevedon, the Club’s flying site is a 15 minute drive from Manukau.

Club members and MFNZ affiliated flyers are permitted to fly at the site all year round A variety of different sized aircraft are able to fly from the 90m grass strip.

With over 130 members, the Papakura, Manukua Aeromodellers’ Club is a very active and progressive Club that encourages new members and promotes model flying to the general public.

Age is no barrier to model flying. PMAC caters to all ages and skill levels from school aged members to over 80 year olds. There are also active female pilots at the Club.

As well as general member flying days, the club also organizes specific events throughout the year including:

Warbirds Over Manukau

Electric Rally Days

Aerobatic Flying Displays

Invitation Days for Other Aero Model Club

The main club flying day is Sunday.

Our model flying activities takes place within a public park,with this comes the aspect of safety to members of the public and other user groups/sporting events. Please be aware of members of the public walking around and under the flight line.

Before take-off or landing please check that it is safe to do so.In the event of a dead stick please land safely.
At all times whenever possible please have an observer to warn of hazards.

No low flying over any members of the public who happen to be walking under our flight line is permitted.
No flying over or close to any horse and rider that may venture close to the flight circuit and also the stables when occupied.

All flying is to be carried out in front of the Pilot line,no flying over the pits area, car park or over the road.
No flying while sporting events are taking place on adjacent sports fields.
Signs are to be placed at either end of flying field to alert people that model flying is taking place.

The flying calendar now shows the flying days and allowed flying times on a day by day basis as well as the no 'fly days' up to the end of April 2014.

Please check the calendar regularly as these can and do change from time to time.
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